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Elsa Wack, maiden name Roth, born on October 26, 1955 in Geneva
French mother tongue

Professional Experience: (in chronological order)

Varied employment

Part-time legal secretary in two law firms, with interruptions:
Mr. Rossetti, then Messrs. Lalive, Budin and Partners

Sub-titler English/German into French (sub-titles for 49 films, including Witness, Back to the Future, Rambo II, Plenty, captions for Lubitsch's silent movie Austern Prinzessin); Cinetyp, Lucerne

Part-time translator, German to French: Vedia SA, Advertising Dept

Since 1991
Freelance full-time translator from English and German into French
Amonst others for:
Translation Agencies: Syntax AG, Apostroph AG, Tradeo, Tradinter, UGZ, Pegetex
Mr. Dumartheray, formerly Examining Magistrate, now Judge in the Geneva Court of Administration, CH-1201 Geneva;
Service linguistique, Ministère public (The Public Prosecutor’s Department),
International Organizations: PSI, Soroptimist, UNO, ILO

Since April 2008
Sworn translator, full time, English and German to French in Geneva; also reviewing translations

Published translations:
40 randonnées à vélo and La Voie Suisse, tourist guides in cooperation with translator Claudine Zbinden, published by Werd Verlag, Zurich, 1992

Globi postier, Globi et Panda, Globi journaliste sportif, Globi et le train, etc., adaptations of a Swiss comic strip, adding French verses to the images in nine books, published by Globi Verlag, Zurich 1995-2011

New York – Sweet and Sour, a book of photography by Andreas Hilty with small tranlated texts, published by Verlag Typotron AG, 2002

Manuel du droit collectif du travail (Handbuch zum kollektiven Arbeitsrecht; a manual about collective bargaining agreements, translated with Catherine Gachies-Stäuble, 500 pages) published by Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag, 2010

Numerous translations of websites, newsletters, articles in newspapers

Formal education and further training :
Baccalauréat français (equivalent to A levels) as an independent applicant, Lycée of Annemasse, France

Master of Arts (“licence”, 4 years) at the University of Geneva, Switzerland
(English Literature, Romance Languages, Musicology)

Literature course (German, English, Psychology, Swiss German) at the University of Bern, Switzerland to improve my German

Conferences and meetings of the Geneva School of translation and interpretation (ETI), of the Swiss Association of translators, terminologists and interpreters (ASTTI) and the Swiss Association of sworn translators (ASTJ), concerning law, finance, insurance and other topics

Theater, music (oboe, guitar, singing), radio, TV, writing, co-writing, editing, production-assistant, literary translation for or with the following artists (in chronological order): Adrien Kühne, Henri Roth, Jean-David Roth, Claude Stratz, Astrid Stierlin, Claude Goretta, Pierre Maillard, François Truan, Marie Mary, Fred Laser, Antoine Bordier, Marc Liebeskind, Rico Wack, Stephan Honegger, Chen Liang-Sheng, Dominique Comtat, Micky Zimmermann, Mathilde Fontanet, Myriam Rambach, Alicia Kuhn, Régine Kummer, Véronique Barre-Comtat, Bérengère Mastrangelo, Alfredo Lavalley, Frantz Morel-à-L’Huissier, Damian Zingg. See also web site www.wack.ch.

Member of ASTTI, ASTJ

Written references available on request.